Wednesday, 28 March 2012

HAED, Love me not 28th March 2012.

Here how she is looking. At the moment i am trying to stitch all of the black on this page in one go. Once that's done it'll stitch all of the next darkest colour.


  1. I am loving how this is progressing!!! I have awarded you the Liebster award!!!

  2. seems like you have a lot of HAED projects going and what's more you are making wonderful progress on several of it not too difficult to stitch all of the black at once?

    1. Thank you. I have 6 on the go and a 7th all kitted out and waiting for me to start but i am being a good girl. I am only stitching all of the black on this page and because i use Easy count guideline to grid out my fabric so it matches the gridding on the chart the black is easy to follow and stitch. It can be annoying when there are big blocks of black but on this page there isn't that many large blocks full of black.

  3. Hola Claire!! que hermoso tu blogg!!! yo estoy haciendo SHH NOW, en blanco y negro como este dibujo.- A partir del dia de hoy te sigo en el blogg.- Soy de Argentina.... muchos besos!!!!