Saturday, 25 February 2012

HAED Train of dreams (25th Feb 2012)

Page 3 is getting close to being complete. I so can't wait to start the little Dragling's head that's on page 4!! Hopefully the rest of page 3 won't take long. Looking at the chart i can see that there is a lot of black which is the shadow behind the trains wheels so maybe i can get the rest finished quickly.


  1. It looks gorgeous, such a beautiful chart. Cna't wait to see more (and teh dragon)

  2. Thank you. I am so looking forward to starting the dragon. Although today i have been stitching an ATC for a FB groups swap i may just work on this tonight and try to get a big chuck done of the black.

  3. Well as it turns out the time fairy has not been nice. It is now over 12 hours since i last commented and i've not managed to do a single stitch on this. I plan to do plenty tomorrow seeing as i've all but finished the ATC's.