Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Whoa 7 days to go.

7 days to go till my hand and ankle operation. At least i'll have a few weeks chilling out. Won't even be able to do the washing up. Yay!!!! I just hope that i can get some stitching done, even if it means i have to stitch using my left hand. Although i already have had a practice stitching with my left and it's no harder. I've got my floor stand so i won't have to try and hold my stitching with my bandaged right hand. The only thing i'm not looking forword to is the minimal walking because of my ankle. Should be able to walk around indoors but outside i'll need the wheelchair. I have 1 month to recover because on the 21st may i've got my head operation and i'm going need all the energy i can get. Now when i have that operation i'm going to be completely off my feet for a few months. Well if i get bored i've got 3 WIP's to work on and 14 unopened kits to choose from.

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