Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hi all.

I've got no stitching updates to report as i've done very little or none at all over the past few days. I was going to stitch last night but Pete and i were painting some Games Workshop minitures and i got really stuck into it. So i have 2 hobbies but just not enough time in the day to do both. :-( Not sure what i'll do today as i just can't decide what i wanna do. (It's the time of the month, so i just can't decide what to do other than go back to bed). I might do some painting during the day then do stitching this evening that'll stop me going to bed before 7pm.LOL. I think also my operation on tuesday maybe making me feel too restless to sit and do one thing for a long time. Oh well if i do something then at least thats better than doing nothing. :-)

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